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Cinésud original and vintage movie posters

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CINÉSUD gallery which is located in Marseille (FRANCE) is specialized in original movie posters.

Our posters collection which covers a broad part of the history of cinema, offers several thousands of posters for more than 10000 different movie titles.

This website, which is for the moment, only a selection of our large inventory, is regularly increased with new titles.

However, if your research remains unsuccessful, feel free to contact us or to send us your want list. The poster which you are looking for, is perhaps available in our store.

All the posters presented on this website are original theatrical posters, we do not sell any reproduction.

However,we can have,for a same movie title, several different styles of posters. Most of them will be original from the first theatrical issue, but we can also, have posters dating from successive ones and specified by the mention "ReRelease".

The prices of the posters are very variable and will depend of their rarity. The posters dating from more than thirty years ago are generally available in only one copy. This is why it is better to contact us to make sure at the same time of their availability and their condition. The more recent or current posters do not present this kind of problem.

In a general way, the posters presented on this website are in very good or very fine condition. However,some of them could be dammaged, in this case, they will be shown with an indication such as "B condition" for a minor problem (small tape, presence of light spot or stain, small piece missing, etc...) or "C condition" for more significant problems which are then described with precision for each poster. Despite all our attention, it is possible that some posters present a defect not detected. In this case, we will inform the purchaser before sending the poster.




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